Lyme disease is no joke, it has truly changed our lives forever. My wife has chronic Lyme disease as well as my youngest son. My oldest son and I have also contracted Lyme disease. The complications are different with each of us and  the unknown is the scary part. Don't hesitate to protect your family and pets each and every year from this epidemic.

We started TICK'D OFF with the goal in mind to help other families in our communities in Maine. Due to the rural areas and abundance of the deer population in Maine we are now one of the highest#3 out of 15 northeast and midwest states for concentrations of Lyme infections reported according to the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and

LDA (Lyme Disease Association) dated 2013 and updated every 5 months. And unfortunately for us "Mainers" the numbers are only rising. Many more people go untreated or simply don't know the symptoms associated with contracting this disease and co infections associated with it. For more information log onto to further educate yourself.

Our mission