Chronic Lyme disease patients may face a long hard fight to wellness. People with chronic Lyme can have many debilitating symptoms, including severe fatigue, anxiety, headaches, and joint pain. Without proper treatment, chronic Lyme patients have a poorer quality of life than patients with diabetes or a heart condition. I know this from experience.
The fact is Lyme is a complex disease that can be highly difficult to diagnose. Reliable diagnostic tests are not yet available which leaves many patients and physicians alike relying on the so called "telltale signs" of Lyme disease: discovery of a tick on the skin, a bull's eye rash, and possibly joint pain.


 research indicates that only 50%-60% of patients recall a tick bite; the rash is reported in only 35% to 60% of patients; and joint swelling typically occurs in only 20% to 30% of patients. Given the prevalent use of over the counter anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen, joint inflammation is often masked.
Based on these statistics, a significant number people who contract Lyme disease are misdiagnosed during the early stages, leading to a chronic form of the disease which can prove even more difficult to diagnose and treat. Lyme disease is often referred to as the "great imitator" because it mimics other conditions, often causing patients to suffer a complicated maze of doctors in search of appropriate treatment. Our own journey has led us to multiple doctors and natural homeopathic remedies, it's what ever works best for you. A Lyme literate doctor is your best hope. it's amazing the lack of awareness and knowledge that most doctors have so choose wisely. ILADS is committed to the prevention of chronic Lyme disease and a great source of information. Check out the video section and view "under our skin" for some revealing facts.

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We will survey the property before application and go over any concerns or questions you may have. Next we will come up with the proper treatment plan for your needs. Applications are done by high pressure to some areas and backpack or handheld to other areas. Our Mist sprayer creates a fine mist or spray to penetrate and cover a larger area. Ticks are terminated within 15-60 minutes and our solution leaves a roughly 30 day repellent or barrier for your protection.